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Sevnzel will be attending the entire event.

Autograph: $30 (per item with a limit of 3 items per meeting)

Once Guest Area Line is full we will be closing it down. We are doing this to ensure that Sevnzel has a chance to meet all fans and then take a break.

We will do this a couple times during the day. 

Autographs and purchases are all cash only. 

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There are many things, yet I think people might like….


Pokemon Card:illustrations "credited as Tokiya"

Pokemon Sun/Moon :Character designs

NEC Laptop LAVIE VEGA: Character designs

Original art comic #424D99:all creation ←NOW




#424D99 Comic CM (Please download the file): 

Be sure to check out the group Sevnzel is in, SSS! 


Online Shop:

English Introduction Page:

Check out this awesome video of Sevnzel creating one of her characters!

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GOƧPΞL-01_10. ΞИ.png
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Sevnzel work
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