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Robert McCollum is best known to anime fans as the English-dub voice of REINER (Attack on Titan), DOFLAMINGO (One Piece), STAIN (My Hero Academia) JELLAL (Fairy Tale), AXTON (Borderlands 2) and going all the way back to TEEN GOTEN (Dragonball GT).  He has voiced over 250 roles in anime and video games.  


McCollum, who has two kids that are far more talented than he is, studied to be a marketing guy before he ran off to join the circus.  Although in this case that circus involved improv comedy, acting in commercials, writing commercials, directing commercials, directing short films and corporate communication, acting on stage, writing and directing narrative podcasts and even performing in a few musicals (though he cannot sing and should not try.)  He is the creator and writer of KnowBe4's award winning training series "The Inside Man" which is the first action adventure corporate training series that anyone has ever heard of (and has nothing to do with the David Tennant series with a similar name.) He directed and was producer on the historical audio drama podcast "1865" which became a global sensation.  In other words... he does a lot of stuff and also voices anime.

Some of Robert's favorite roles include KOGAMI (PsychoPass), BAKI (Baki the Grappler), SENSUI (Yu Yu Hakusho), MIFUNE (Soul Eater) and SWEDEN (Hetalia).

Robert McCollum will be attending the entire event.


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Robert McCollum
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